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I N T E R N E T    O F   T H I N G S 

    1 MILLION CHILDREN go  MISSING  every year
    53 % CHILDREN
    face   ABUSE 

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About us

kaiota GPS tracking for kids
  Headquartered in the Silicon Valley of India: Bangalore
At Kaiota our mission is to connect things to the internet with the help of wearable devices. In pursuit of our mission we have connected Kaiota to a flexible and user friendly Internet of Things Cloud Platform called Traxroot Platform which speaks the Kaiotian language of our devices. Kaiota is a wearable device which has a GPS module along with other sensors focusing mainly on the safety of children. Doggies you guys are next. Cat owners we are sorry.

Kaiota is a vertical of Traxoid Automations Pvt ltd (www.traxoid.com).
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Kaiota Technology
kaiota GPS Child
Kaiota Interactive Augmented GPS
Making Of The Hardware Kaiota
kaiota Child Tracker

Wearable Technology India

Making Life Easier with Kaiota
kaiota GPS Child Bracelet
LIVE TRACKING :Kaiota device allows you to locate your child live using the Kaiota app. Just login to the app and locate your child on the map.
kaiota Kids tracker
2 WAY CALLING :Kaiota allows you to make and receive calls, you can also monitor the sound around Kaiota whenever required.
kaiota child safety tracker
APP AND REPORTS :The Kaiota app allows you to visualize live data as well as historical data in the form of graphs and reports, either through the mobile app or desktop application.
kaiota GPS Watch for Kids
SOS :With the Kaiota, during emergency the child can press the SOS button with which an alert is sent to all the designated family members only.
kaiota kids locator
VIRTUAL FENCE :Feel free to set safe zones and virtual fences on the map using the Kaiota app and get alerts when your child leaves your designated safe zones.

Intelligent SOS safety net.

Missed an SOS alert, no problem - you can assign neighbors, family or friends as your back up
when you can't respond. That way your child is always protected, even when you are out of reach.
kaiota Wearable device

Take me out of the geofence.
Drag : Drop : Move
kaiota GPS Child Bracelet
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Team Kaiota

We Kaiotians are truly passionate about sensors, GPS and wireless connectivity. We love to explore the different methods of communicating with machines considering size and performance. The whole concept of connecting things to the internet through wearable devices via wireless frequencies is what really excites us.

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